Frank Paque, DR. MED. DENT., M.Sc



University of Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland

“Complex Root Canal Anatomy and Its Impact on Shaping Procedures”

Root canal anatomy is very complex and variations of number and arrangement of root canals are significant in many tooth groups. Root canal treatment of teeth with complex anatomy requires not only basic knowledge about variations in the number of root canals but also knowledge about the possible unique arrangement of the canals. The three-dimensional imaging of teeth using micro-computed tomography is very helpful for the clinician to learn about complex anatomy. Furthermore, scanned teeth can be kept intact and the impact of endodontic procedures on root canal anatomy can be analyzed. Besides the evaluation of alterations of root canals after preparation with different instruments, side effects like hard tissue debris accumulation into non-instrumented areas can be displayed and calculated.

Attendees will learn:

  1. To detail the possible anatomical variations in human teeth.
  2. To describe the impact of complex root canal anatomy on shaping procedures.
  3. To describe the ability of different chemo-mechanical preparation systems to shape and clean complex root canal anatomy.