Richard Schwartz, DDS

Richard Schwartz, DDS 

Adjunct Clinical Professor of Graduate Endodontics
UT-San Antonio, TX

11:40 am

Sunday, February 3, 2013

International Academy of Endodontics, Annual Meeting

The Fairmont Hotel

Dallas, Texas

“Current Ceramic Systems and How to Etch and Bond to Them”

What are the different kinds of dental ceramic materials and how do they differ? How do you etch them? How do you bond to them? What makes Zirconia restorations so strong? What is silane and how does it work? What are ceramic primers and what does the literature say about them? These questions and more will be answered in 18 minutes.

Attendees will learn:

1. The most common types of dental ceramic materials.

2. Specific bonding protocols for them.

3. What does the literature say?