Jeffrey Rouse, DDS


Jeffrey Rouse, DDS

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dept. of Prosthodontics

University of Texas San Antonio, TX

11:00 am

Saturday, February 2, 2013

International Academy of Endodontics, Annual Meeting

The Fairmont Hotel

Dallas, Texas

“Could Airway Explain...”

The popular approach to treat a worn dentition and pain is to ask HOW.  How did the teeth wear and disc dislocate?  How do I design the orthosis? How do I repair the damage? A more valuable question for these patients is WHY.  Why does the patient brux at night and clench during the day?  Why does the orthosis work or not?  Why are TMD issues found more in young, fit females? This presentation provides a review of the current scientific literature on sleep disordered breathing and asks the question “Could airway explain the WHY”.

Attendees will learn:

1.  To differentiate between occlusal philosophy and airway reality.

2.  The three categories of sleep disturbance and their unique signs and symptoms.

3.  To recognize the Bruxism Triad patient during a dental examination.

4.  To identify the characteristics of a compromised airway as demonstrated on an occlusal orthosis.